2019 DONATIONS | We’re fundraising for our 2019 event!

Fundraising has begun for the 2019 event and we’re so grateful for your support! You can make an online donation by visiting our fundraising site over at FMSC >>> just click HERE.

If you prefer to make your donation by check, please make checks payable to ICMobilePack and mail to: IC MobilePack, PO Box 865, Iowa City, IA 52244. The Iowa City MobilePack Event is a 501(3)c and you will receive a receipt via mail for your tax-deductible donation.

For more information on donations, please email us: icmobilepack@gmail.com

VOLUNTEER | Registration is NOW OPEN

When you register to pack meals at one of our events, you may sign up as an individual or as a group. We’re always looking for volunteers (as young as 5!) and for those who don’t want to be on their feet for 2 hours, we’ve have some sit down jobs if you need them. In addition to packing meals, there is always one set-up shift and a clean-up shift at the very end. Sign-up for our email list to find out when it’s time to join us for the most fun you can have in a hairnet!

For more information on volunteering, please email us: icmobilepack@gmail.com

YEAR-ROUND DONATIONS | We’re always fundraising for our next MobilePack event!

The Iowa City MobilePack Event is a 501(3)c. Tax deductible donations can be made year-round by check and will be applied to our next MobilePack event. Make checks payable to ICMobilePack and mail to: IC MobilePack, PO Box 865, Iowa City, IA 52244. Thank you for your support!

Please note: When making donations to FMSC, it is important to include that it is for the Iowa City event. Without that connection to our event, it goes towards FMSC at large.

For more information about year-round donations, please email us: icmobilepack@gmail.com


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