The first Iowa City MobilePack Event was held June 7 & 8, 2013 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. Friends Tami Luce, Cindy Vonderhaar and Janice Baldes read Crazy Love by Francis Chan and felt called to get out of the bleachers and step out in faith to partner with Feed My Starving Childred and begin this exciting local mission project. God’s blessings have continued to pour out on this project. YTD 1,134,864 meals have been packed and paid for by the Iowa City community and generous supporters from miles beyond! These meals have been successfully delivered to FMSC mission partners in North Korea, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras and the Philippines. Each and every contribution of time, talent and treasure has blessed this project, allowing 3,108 children to be fed for an entire year. Praise be to God!


Photo of founding team @ inaugural 2013 event, from left to right: Tami Luce, Janice Baldes and Cindy Vonderhaar